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May 2016 Special — Song Jieun

Icon: Mandy @ toujoursources | Music: Song Jieun - Don't Look At Me Like That | Mood: Content

First of all, I would like to apologize about the late replies. I got busy with personal things and some research for an article for school. I am back again though! And on top of that, I have a lot of things to tell you about, but all of that will come in another post.

So yes, this month's special feature goes to SECRET's main vocalist Song Jieun! Why is that? Because she's love. She somehow started to make her way into my heart after Sunggyu and her became all lovey dovey (in roleplay). I'll get back to this topic in another post.

My history with SECRET? I did know about them after I got into K-Pop in 2010, but like I only listened to their album titles most of the time. Also, I thought they debuted with "Madonna" in 2010 which is absolutely wrong because their debut was in 2009 with "I Want You Back". I found this one out only last month of which I am very ashamed of. So to all SECRET Timers out there, I am very sorry for making such a mistake!

I knew already back then that they were a wonderful girl group. Switching between cute and sexy concepts does seem kind of hard, which makes them also quite admirable how they can still pull those off with each comeback.

Song Jieun: If you don't know it yet, tomorrow is her 26th birthday, so happy birthday you cute human being! I simply love her. Ever since I started to roleplay with her as Sunggyu, I fell so hard in love with her. If it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't be this obsessed with her sweet, yet pleasant voice. I didn't even know back then how her voice sounds like when she's singing on her own. When I was watching her MV to "Twenty-Five", I just thought "that's her, I need her, I want her". She took over me. It even got to the point that I started to imagine Sunggyu being in the MV. As you can see, I already even ship her with my most beloved bias. Honestly, my sanity is dropping with every minute right now. Sorry about that.

I guess I'll end this article with the following: Please, listen to her songs and SECRET too. I'm sure you will like them. They're just a precious girl group which somehow lost its popularity overseas during their hiatus. I definitely recommend them.

With love, Christien ♥

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Some Minor Changes

Icon: Yasemin @ Etcetera | Music: Kim Sunggyu - Kontrol | Mood: Accomplished

I made some minor changes yesterday on the site to make the layout more pleasant and not too crowded. Aside from that did I finally find the time to seperate link exchanges from affiliates. If you want to apply, you can view the rules in the linkage page.

Also, the backup blog is well... I'm still thinking of ways of where I should host the resources. Most of all the CSS templates and web layouts. It's harder to think of something than you think. I don't even know how Webs works, but I'll search into it.

  1. Body: light grey font color to dark grey font color
  2. Links: blue background to dottet bottom border
  3. Bold, strong: bold and uppercased to lighter and normal
  4. Italic: blue to no color
  5. 2nd heading: no bottom border to dashed bottom border
  6. Images: bold border to thin with padding
  7. Blockquote: background image and blue bolder borders on both sides to no background image and left thin, grey border
  8. Tables: blue solid bottom bordered standard cells and blue backgrounded header cells to light grey dotted bordered standard cells and blue dashed bordered header cells
  9. Textarea: no styling to light grey borders
  10. Content (PNGs, CSS Templates, Web Layouts): standard paragraphs to text over images on hover by Geek Girl Life

I still have to change some things with the PNGs. It keeps me at least busy. Lmao. That's all for today, I guess. I still have to eat lunch. I'm hungry. -.-

With love, Christien ♥

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Almost Lost My Nerves

Icon: Ariri & Cami @ Edit Icons KpopMusic: INFINITE - Between Me & You | Mood: Exhausted

Today on my way to school, some guy was standing right in front of me in the subway. I actually don't have any problem with people permanently pressing the door's button, but what really disturbed me was that he kept pressing it with his middle finger. As if he wanted to provoke me - even if he didn't mean to. Also, what almost ticked me off as well was the sound it would do when someone presses that button. I never felt that annoyed before towards a stranger. If I lost my nerves back then, I would've cut off his damned finger. That's really no fun at all.

At any rate, up until now I've been trying to keep track of my files on my laptop, but it's such a hopeless case that I always end up procrastinating five minutes after. Like now. Take a look at these (open in new tab to enlarge):

That's not even 50% of what I have. This is how the inside of a single folder looks like which contains parts from my previous layouts from previous site names. I had several layouts before.

  • himechan-dgna a.k.a Shine Right This Moment was a layout for my site Himechan.tk featuring the Korean male group DGNA. They made their comeback with "Rilla Go" around that time - I think.
  • Version4-2_SummerBreath was also a layout for Himechan.tk. It was up until the domain got deleted by Freenom.
  • Series_ Trilogy of a Broken One was... Let's not talk about this. Lmao. It's an older version of the story I mentioned on the 11th. It used to be a trilogy, but oh well. Doesn't matter anymore.
  • The PHP files falling_petals, peachy and withered_flower were layouts for Asianfanfics and RoleplayRepublic which reminds me to put them up again someday.
  • Puzzle Love is a Blogger layout I once found on BlogSkins and wanted to edit a bit. But I somehow forgot.
  • Destiny is a Blogger layout made by Chazz (Dorkistic). I wanted to use it, but it wasn't the right layout for my blog back then.
  • son_dambi_dripping_tears is a Blogger layout by Nine (Wowbeat).
  • rainbow and sailormoon were supposed to be Blogger layouts I created on my own (but never completed). Those were my first two attempts in web designing.
  • The Sharky Love folder is the name to another layout I once created for my old domain featuring the Matsuoka siblings from Free! because I simply adored their relationship.

There are much more folders and files in those thinbs, but I only pointed those out I which I think were necessary to explain. Haha. Like I said before, that's not even half of what I have, so I got a lot of sorting to do which comes in handy since I anyways need some kind of distraction.

Site updates... I haven't done much except correcting some codes. Oh! And I tried searching for a favicon which would suits to the site. Fortunately, I did happen to find one! On top of that it's really cute and just perfect.

Did I promise too much? I got that from Pixels Galore on Tumblr. Most pixels can be found on Tumblr anyway. Since my site features a God from a dating sim game, might as well use something which suits. I am to 100% satisfied with it.

That's all for today I guess. Have a nice day, Christien ♥

P.S.: Currently admiring today's icon. Kim Sunggyu is love. *^*

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